False Information

We have been made aware that there are external parties falsely claiming to carry out financial services on behalf of DC Placement Advisors in order to market fake investment products and to solicit monetary payments. These external parties may pose as DC Placement advisors through the use of fraudulent communications via email, instant messaging or phone, social media (linkedin) as well as through the use of fake brochures and other documents containing DC Placement Advisors branding and logos.

The Bafin and the BSI has issued warnings about fraudulent activities which can be found here

https://www.bafin.de/SharedDocs/FAQs/DE/Verbraucher/Bank/Allgemeines/12_Vishing.html?id=16615354 or here


It is important to know that any communication you receive from DC Placement Advisors would only come from an authorized employee from an @dcpla e-mail address and/or be found on the DC Placement Advisors dcpla.com website. In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact us (please link to the contact form) or send an email to compliance@dcpla.com.