Munich, 11th June 2018: Alternative Investments Day 2018, the 3rd in the series of DCPLA events will be held on 15th June 2018 in Munich. 

The first two DCPLA conferences in the series were themed around infrastructure debt strategies and received an overwhelming response from the regional & global institutional investor’s community. The 3rd event is expected to bring more than 100 participants representing leading LPs and GPs from European & Global investment firms. The event coincides with the 10-year anniversary celebration of DCPLA and the opening of their additional new office space. 

Post global financial crisis, the relevance of both principal preservation and downside protection have increasingly become more pronounced, as more and more investors are looking to improve  their risk-reward profile. The need to dampen volatility as well as a growing interest in real rather than financial assets has resulted in an increased allocation to alternatives assets among institutional investors. The alternative asset classes (infrastructure, private equity, VC, private debt etc.) have tremendously grown over the past years and there is a lot of investor appetite for these prospering niches. The event aims to explore the requirements for the increased investments in these classes by hosting a dialogue with the investors.  

Featuring a strong lineup of best in class asset managers and legal firms including Dechert, Alinda, AMP Capital, LRI, GIP, Aviva Investors, G Squared and Crypto Finance, the event will explore the emerging trends in bespoke alternative assets. The event will also feature emerging new alternative classes including cryptocurrencies that will challenge attendees with thought-provoking conversations on possible scenarios for augmenting the future of cryptocurrencies as a sustainable investment class. With Blockchain moving at an incredible pace across the globe, it will be interesting to know about the opportunities it offers. The event will be highlighted with opening remarks by Mrs. Elizabeth Corley, former CEO of Allianz Global Investors.

Keynote speakers and panelists will be some of the most experienced professionals represented by Bain Capital, Blackrock, Pavilion, NTR, Davidson Capital.  They will investigate a range of critical investment issues, including discussion on the risks and benefits of various alternative asset classes, including presentations on trends and regulatory issues. 

“At Alternative Investments Day, we want attendees to be challenged to think differently on both, the existing alternative asset classes  as well as the emerging  assets,”  said Nina  Dohr–Pawlowitz,  CEO DCPLA.  “It is important to us that we complement our impressive lineup of industry speakers with these special guests, who will encourage attendees to look at their investment portfolio from a different perspective.”

The event will be marked with an exclusive conference reception for all sponsors and conference attendees with the parallel preview of fine art exhibition by leading German artist and environmentalist Daniela Flörsheim on the evening of 14th June, 2018. This reception is co-hosted by advinda Investor Cloud.

We are also delighted to announce that we support the global Jane Goodall foundation and its sustainable projects by donating 25% of all proceeds from the sales of the artworks.

“Bringing the finance and environmentalism worlds together through an authentic artist like Daniela Flörsheim is both courageous and incredibly  valuable to us. Perhaps in this way, she will reach even more people – and, at least, a different group of people – than she would have if she had become a zoologist like she intended. Art and nature can be such important partners.” 

Monica Lieschke, Executive Director, Jane Goodall Institut (Germany) on the occasion of Daniela Flörsheim‘s contribution